Traffic Exchange Strategy


You Need A Traffic Exchange Strategy


Here are some basic traffic exchange strategies to help you get the most out of your traffic exchange advertising.

Aim to make sure that your ads rotate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The theory is that people need to see an ad about 7 times before they will click on it, so make sure your ads are being seen regularly in your traffic exchanges.

One way to get more credits without surfing for them is to refer other members.  It’s also a good way to earn commissions. And of course, you can buy credits as well.

Remember to assign your credits to your websites, banners and text links.  Enter your website as many times as you can. If a traffic exchange has 2000 sites in rotation and you enter yours once, it will be seen once for every 2000 sites surfed. If you enter that same site 5 times, it will be seen once for every 400 sites surfed, which is much better!

Get organized – use a rotator for your websites and banners. A rotator holds all your website links and displays them at random. You use a rotator by adding the rotator url to your traffic exchange, instead of your individual website links.

The banner rotator works the same way. If you are promoting more than one thing, rotators can save you a lot of time. If you want to change your promotions, you can change your website links in the rotator, instead of having to go to each traffic exchange to change them there.

You can use a simple rotator such as the one at Affiliate Funnel, which will also display your Affiliate Funnel referral link or you can use a smart rotator which will track how many hits you have had to your sites, by traffic source.

In general, you will do better building your list on traffic exchanges, rather than simply promoting your money making opportunity directly.


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You Need A Traffic Exchange Strategy